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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How many photos will I get on my USB stick?
A : That depends on several factors like weather conditions, venue and amount of guests but on average you will have about 600 to 1000 images, all high resolution in JPEG format of between 3Mb to 8Mb per image.

Q :Do you do albums?
A Yes I can produce albums ranging from £180.00 - £800.00 if so desired or you can make your own as the photos you get are copyright free.

Q : Do you cover the whole wedding?
A : For the main package of £380.00 I cover every aspect from 1 hour before the ceremony up until everyone is seated for the wedding breakfast, this will include speeches if they are before the meal. Bridal Prep and Evening photos can be added at an extra cost if you wish.

Q : What style of photos do you take?
A : Before and after the ceremony I will take reportage / candid style photographs of the guests as well as the official portrait shots which you request on your booking form. During the ceremony (permission required) I discreetly photograph this intimate and important moment followed by signing of the register.

Q : Is the price really all inclusive or are there any hidden charges?
A : Other than travel cost (see website) there are absolutely no other costs involved. The full price is £380.00.

Q : Can I do what I want with the photos and can I copy them for friends?
A : All the images taken at your wedding are sent to you with full copyrights. In other words they are your images to do as you wish.

Q : What happens if I damage my USB stick before I have time to make copies?
A : I keep a copy of all the original images for a period of five years and will replace your USB stick at a total cost of £15.00. However I suggest you make copies of you images as soon as possible and store your original USB some where safe.

Q : How far do you travel.
A : I have no limitations, within reason.

Q : When do we get our photos?
A : Once I have recieved full payment you will recieve your images by post within two weeks.

Q : Can you do additional coverage, like photographing myself and brides maids in my room before the wedding service?
A : Yes I can. I charge £60 per hour. Or if you wish for me to stay until after the first dance that is an extra £200.00.




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